Monday, 20 April 2015

Wine Lady

20th April 2015

Just experimenting with a new style. Really gone out of practice with the colour palette! Hope I get better with more such experiments.

Original image

B/W with noise

Edited composition with noise

Monday, 6 April 2015

Speedpaint Challenge W1D1

5th April 2015
Given myself a speed painting challenge for a week to get my understanding of colour and light stronger. Hope I keep this up. Consistency is the main thing!
30 min mark

60 min mark

original image

Monday, 30 March 2015

Back to basics

30th Mar 2015

It's been forever since an update. Every now and then we need to do speedpaintings to keep the ragas of art going. But that's when we're not too far behind. When we're too far behind, we need to go back to basics. i.e: Gestures. After what felt like years, me, Saatchi and Arvind sat down and sketched gestures together. My lines dont have the same flow or speed, but after the first page I definitely started getting the rhythm back. Atleast that's what I think. Here're those 3 pages.

page 1
page 2
page 3

Inorbit Mall Food Court

At Dadar Station before a journey home

Mumbai local
Mumbai local

Friday, 16 January 2015

SP#02 - Storm

15th Jan 2012
It was SO SO hard to get the form and the colours of the clouds right. Daym, I don't know how those Vis Dev artists do it. After a bit of basic round brush strokes I had to use a textured brush to give it a bit of clarity. It looked a bit too incomplete and too abstract. 37 minutes just flew doing this one.
Was hoping to keep it under 30 minutes tho!

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

SP#01 Baby Owl

14th Jan 2015

Did a speedpainting after REALLY long! It's been forever! I hope I keep this up. This is SP#01 for NY 2015! This owl didn't end up looking like the reference, but I think my eye either saturates things or desaturates them. Either ways he still looks like a really cute fluffball! >_<

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Happy New Year 2015!

11th Jan 2015

And a very happy new year to all!! I've been having the best of everything. Work is balanced with play so far - been travelling so much whenever a project ends! There's been a huge mixed variety of work we've been doing so far. Hopefully this year we'll kickstart with some great animation projects!

I finished my Professional Storyboarding Course with CGMA Academy and working on some commercial as well as personal work! Unfortunately everything we've got is still confidential until release, so will only be able to share that later. I only hope I manange to squeeze in time for personal work and fitness now! And then I'd have nothing to complain about. ;)

Happy New Year 2015 everyone! Hope to share something concrete soon! Until next update, enjoy this quick storytelling panel I did for fun.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Mikki Ekko Study

20th Nov 2014

Haven't done a speedpainting in really long! Felt totally out of touch. :( Anywho, this is Mikki Ekko from the 'Stay' music video by Rihanna ft Mikki Ekko. I loved this frame, the balance, cam movt, lighting was just gorgeous. Crossed the clock by 30 minutes. :(!

Critiques greatly appreciated!!

Total time taken: 1 hour 30 mins

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Inktober Day 1, 2, 3

1st October 2014

#1 - A friend said it looks like he's doing namaz! It's actually blood on his hands. I realized I should have chosen better hand gestures to illustrate. Ah well!

#2 - Her face turned out much more elongated than I'd like, especially after inking! I think I got overexcited and tried to be too stylistic. Anywho, yay learning!! :P

 #3 - The only problem I had with this one is that deltoid line - it's so anatomically and visibly wrong! I decided not to edit it so I remember my carelessness.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Travelling sketches

13th Sept 2014

I've been travelling a lot this month and last. Many train journeys. These are just a few sketches from my journey to Goa. I wish I'd paid more attention to form and proportion, but I was drawing in the flow, more for myself. I thought it was hightime I update my blog regardless of how shitty the drawings have come out! :P Also gave some quick digital tones for depth. Enjoy!

This one had the side ladder in a screwed proportion! Dunno where my attention was.. Maybe I was just in a bit of a hurry :/
Lastly a snap from the journey! ;)

Friday, 8 August 2014

She was red

7th Aug 2014
 Messed around with some brushes and prose.

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